Sunday, 26 February 2012

Class treaty

Room 3 have all signed the class treaty! Following on from the previous 'brainstorm' post, Room 3 brainstormed rules for our classroom so that we can have a safe and collaborative learning environment. We had a class discussion about grouping rules into categories, from there we came up with 5 rules for our classroom that we are all happy with.


  1. Hi Brooke! How is the class treaty going? Is everyone obeying the rules? Are you still studying the Waitangi Treaty, or have you moved on to a new subject? Mum.

  2. Your class treaty looks great Room 3. I'd be keen to know how it works and to have you explain it all to me when I next visit your room

  3. This looks amazing Room 3. I was wondering what it would look like all finished and there it is. Way to go!
    Mrs Clarke.

  4. Hi Alex, this looks like lots of fun. What are the Class Treaty rules? Mum and Dad

  5. hi mum these are the class treaty rules to respect property, listen when people are speaking, keep the classroom tidy, be nice to each other and do our best. from Alex.

    1. Hey Alex, these sound like really good class rules. Well done. Mum and Dad

  6. Hi Natalia, Thanks for showing to me your Class Treaty this week. It sound great and I hope you all following Class Treaty rules well.Mum and Dad