Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Reremoana School Gala Activities

A new aspect of this years gala is a students crafts competition. Students will complete the craft activities and school. The Tui Team will be completing the activities on Thursday 8 March and the judging will take place on the Friday. Below is the craft activity, judging criteria and items that students need to bring from home. More information about the activities will be in next weeks Homefun.
Year 3 
Craft = Vegetable Creature 
Success Criteria 
- durable
- stands alone
- uses a variety of vegetables
- toothpicks are hidden 
- creative design
- unique name to identify the creature   
What students need to bring 
  • Vegetables that are already cut (planning will be completed as part of Homefun. More information will be given as part of next weeks Homefun)
Year 4 
Craft = Miniature Gardens                     
Success Criteria
- Biodegradable (i.e Shoe box, beer boxes - painted)
- resembles a garden 
- creative design
- looks like the plan
  • interesting to look at 
Whats students need to bring 
  • plants and stones that they would like to use

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