Monday, 26 March 2012

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs Online Learning Programme Year 1 - 8
We have recently been investigating ways in which we can enhance our learning techniques/opportunities to boost student performance in the key area of literacy.  Some of you may be aware of the ‘reading fever’ that has erupted since we began a free trial in some of the junior classes of the online learning programme Reading Eggs’.  This programme is created by the same company that provides our ‘Mathletics’ mathematics homework programme which we offer as a subscription to students in Year 4 - 8.  
What Reading Eggs Provides:
  • The modern online format makes developing key reading and comprehension skills fun and rewarding
  • The computer environment is endlessly patient, so your child can make real progress at their own pace
  • Students have access to an online library of more than 650 e-books
  • Parents/Guardians have free access to feedback about their child’s progress 
The trial period has already shown us how quickly students are developing their reading and comprehension skills.  In addition, students of all ability levels (Year 1 - 8)  have become highly engaged and motivated to complete lessons regularly. 
The Reading Eggs subscriptions includes 24/7 access from home and school.  Families who purchase privately pay more than $80 for an annual licence, however as a school we’re able to sign up students at a special annual rate of just $20 per child.  We envisage that this programme will be used with the child completing lessons as an addition to the homework programme, which can be seen as a ‘can do’ activity based on the child’s needs and after school commitments.  
This special offer is available to families until Monday April 2 (Week 10).  If you have any further questions or queries please contact Lisa Harland: or visit the website: for further details.  

Book Reviews

Some of the students from the Tigers reading group have recorded their book reviews on a chapter book that they read in week 7. They had to state the the Title and Author of their book. They had to summarise their book and say whether or not they would recommend their book to a friend.

Brooke's book review 

Dillon's book review

Matthew's book review

Mikhil's book review

Sophia's Book review

Callum's book review

Jonathan's book review

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Grasshopper Tennis

Every Monday until the end of term, we will be participating in Grasshopper Tennis. This is a tennis programme where tennis coaches teach the children tennis skills for 30mins. Here is Madalyn's reflection about our first session.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gala Activities

Today Yr 3's made vegetable creatures for our school gala activity, I did penguin.  For the Reremoana  school gala the Yr 4's  needed to make a miniture garden. All activities  are going to be judged tomorrow.

                                          Matthew with his Penguin who has an egg to protect!

                                                 Britney making a cat with long whiskers!

                                                         Alex with her spiky creation!

Alysha, veery proud of her creation!

                                                  Mason making a BIG vegetable creature!

                                               Natalia with her beautiful miniature garden!

                             Faronc'E hard at work adding the final touches to his miniature garden!

Callum with his very organic garden!

Miriama hard at work putting her miniature garden together!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Maths Week

Yr  4 students can participate in maths week by going to  Enter your Mathletics user name and password to compete with students around the world.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Jolly Jars

To help support our gala the homework task last week and this week is to make a Jolly Jar. At home find a plastic lidded clean jar e.g. marmite, peanut butter. Decorate the jar so you can’t see the what is inside it. Remember fill it with small goodies such as lollies, marbles, toy cars etc. Brig your Jolly Jar to school when it is completed. Jolly Jars will be collected from class on Wednesday!