Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gala Activities

Today Yr 3's made vegetable creatures for our school gala activity, I did penguin.  For the Reremoana  school gala the Yr 4's  needed to make a miniture garden. All activities  are going to be judged tomorrow.

                                          Matthew with his Penguin who has an egg to protect!

                                                 Britney making a cat with long whiskers!

                                                         Alex with her spiky creation!

Alysha, veery proud of her creation!

                                                  Mason making a BIG vegetable creature!

                                               Natalia with her beautiful miniature garden!

                             Faronc'E hard at work adding the final touches to his miniature garden!

Callum with his very organic garden!

Miriama hard at work putting her miniature garden together!


  1. Wow these pictures are great. I loved your Veggie Animals and Miniature Gardens Room 3! Well done. Miss Harland

  2. fantastic pictures..............looks like a lot of hard work went into these.........well done.

  3. Awesome creature Alex, well done.

    Mum and Dad xx