Sunday, 17 June 2012

Science Fair Investigations

On Wednesday Room 3 carried out their science fair investigations in their groups. They thoroughly enjoyed finding out whether or not their hypothesis was going to be correct. They all collaborated well in their groups and helped each other when using the equipment.

Mentos Experiement- Robbie, Michayla, Madalyn and Brayden

Rainbow milk- Fiona, Britney, Jessica

Lava Cups- Natalia, Alysha, Mason and Alana

Lava Lamps- Brooke, Owen,Hannah

Bounce Test- Jonathan, Alex and Sophia

Blowing up a balloon- Samantha, Milkhil and Miriama

Plastic Milk- Logan and Dillon

Mouldy Bread- Callum, Matthew, Faronc’e


  1. How did your Lava Lamp go Brooke? from Aunty.

  2. Well done Room 3! I enjoyed seeing the display boards describing and illustrating your experiments on Friday at Celebration. You do such fun things in your class!