Friday, 31 August 2012

Tui Team Celebration Afternoon

On Friday it was the Tui Team Celebration Afternoon. Room 3 shared what they have been doing in writing and visual art this term. Alex also shared her winning speech !

For writing we have This term we have been learning about persuasive writing. First we learnt about how to write arguments and debates. Then we learned about how to write a persuasive speech with including the correct structure language to use. Finally for the last two weeks we have been learning about how to persuade through advertisements. ~Owen

For our advertisements we got into partners and brainstormed a range of products that we would like to sell. Next we selected our targeted audience and thought about the language features we needed to include in our advertisement.  ~Sophia

To be successful with creating an advertisement we had to include a slogan, a picture, an imperative (command or order), emotive language and bold bright colours and writing.~Brooke

For visual art we have been studying the work from the Swiss artist Paul Klee (clay). 
~ Faronc’e

 The first task we did was called ‘Taking a line for a walk’. We had to start somewhere on the page and begin drawing up, down looping side to side without taking the pencil off the paper. We then had to colour in each section with bold bright colours. No neighbouring section were allowed to be the same shade of colour just like Paul Klee’s artwork. ~Britney

The artwork we are doing at the moment is called ‘smashed window’. We traced one of our hands and then we put a dot somewhere on the paper. 

 We then drew lines coming out from the dot. Miss Jones put glue on each of the lines. We then had to choose either two cold colours or 2 warm colours to use for our hand. 

Again each section had to be a different colour or shade of colour. We did the same  to the background. We used colouring in pencil but they were special because when we added water they turned to paint. ~Samantha

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  1. I thought your artwork was just fabulous. I loved the colour and thought that went into each piece. Well done to those who gave speeches too. I was very impressed with the confidence of each speaker.