Monday, 24 September 2012

Book Week

Wow how the term has just flown by! It is now week 11 of Term 3 and Reremoana School is celebrating book week.  Today we focused on the very talented author 'Dr Seuss'. We focused on what makes these books special and enjoyable to read. Our writing for today was based on the book 'Oh the places you'll go, we'll need to continue this writing focus tomorrow morning as we ran out of time today.
Here are some examples of the first writing activity

Brooke's writing

Book Week Focuses for Room 3

Monday- The special language and pseudo words that Dr Seuss books have that makes these books great to read.

Tuesday- Looking at fairytales with a twist.

Wednesday- Please bring in your favourite fairytale book and dress up as fairy tale character (You can be the same book character that you dress up as on Friday, you can be based on an actual fairytale character or you can be a dressed up as a made up fairytale character).
Create fairytale plays.

Thursday- Stu Duval and Continue fairytale plays.

Friday- Please bring in your favourite book to do a book review on.
Comics- Creating our own comic books.
Mufti Day-Dress up as your favourite book character.

Reading Dr Seuss books and identifying pseudo words within the story. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The story of Rona

The slide show Room 3 made in  Term 2 to retell ' The story of Rona' which they shared for celebration. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boring Sentence Activity

I'm walking along a path

I'm walking on a foam gym path. I hear the clinging noise of the spring board and the squeaky noise of the bars as I 'm walking. I smell the dusty chalk from the holder. The announcer says the competition starts in 40 minutes. I rush to the changing rooms knowing I forgot something. The competition starts, I  begin to freak out. It's now my turn. I'm more worried that I will fail the hard routine. I walk on the foam mats, I hop on the bars. I finish my routine and get my score YES 10 of 10!

By Dillon

I'm sitting on a seat

Wow I'm sitting on  a wonkey  seat. I  can  feel  the seat  going  up  and  down. I can  see  children screaming. I  can  hear  people all around. I can  taste  yummy  chips. I  can  smell  yummy  chips  everywhere.
By samantha    

A bird is sitting on a fence                                                                                                                          

A big blue bird is sitting on a brown barbed fence looking for bugs in a vegetable garden for her 4 baby bluebirds in the nest, they're newborns only 1 week old. Suddenly mummy bluebird spots a nice juicy worm so she zooms down and grabbed him. She can hear its heartbeat in its body and takes it to her babies in the nest and they gulp it down their throats. Then she went to get more and by 2 O'clock she had found 31 more bugs. The babies get bigger and bigger until they got too big that they had to leave the nest.                                                                                  

By Callum.

When I open my eyes     

When  I  open  my  eyes  I  see   a  monster  but  it  just  was  my  jacket.  when  I  walked  out  of

my  bedroom  I  see  the  monster  again  but  it  had  sharp  teeth   it  had  two  big  horns  3  eyes

and  4  arms.   It   had  a  huge  tail  it  is  monster   I  run  away  but  it   is   my  dad.

he  dressed   up  as  a  monster.  silly  dad   why   would   trick   me    like   that .

By   Mason.            
Im so hot 

I'm so hot it's like flames. All i see is flames and fire and that old old sky over there.I 
smell the hot burning air. It feels like I'm in a hot pool. I fall to the ground.

By Sophia. 

Calendar Art

Calendar art is now on display in the windows of Room 3. The art for the calendars is based on the artist Paul Klee. We have been learning about Paul Klee's work and have produced two pieces of artwork in his style. The two pieces we've done in class are called 'Taking a line for a walk' and 'Smashed window'.

Paul Klee

'Taking a line for a walk'

'Smashed window'

Each student was asked to choose between  'Taking a line for a walk' and 'Smashed window to do for their calendar. They have done an amazing job and the calendars look great! So come and view them as soon as you can before the end of term.

Room 3's calendar art

Statistical Investigations

This term we have been carrying out statistical investigations based on the London 2012 Olympic games. All students came up with a 'wonder question' that they wanted to investigate. Once they decided on their question they recorded their data using tally marks. The collecting of data was done over the 2 week period as part of homework.
Meanwhile, in class we were busy learning about different graphs; stem and leaf, block, bar, column, dot plot graphs and pictograms.
When Room 3  finished collecting the data for their statistical investigations they needed to publish their results. They had to decide on 3-4 graphs that best displayed their results. The final part of the investigation was to write a statement about their results.
Here are a few examples of students sharing their statistical investigations: