Monday, 24 September 2012

Book Week

Wow how the term has just flown by! It is now week 11 of Term 3 and Reremoana School is celebrating book week.  Today we focused on the very talented author 'Dr Seuss'. We focused on what makes these books special and enjoyable to read. Our writing for today was based on the book 'Oh the places you'll go, we'll need to continue this writing focus tomorrow morning as we ran out of time today.
Here are some examples of the first writing activity

Brooke's writing

Book Week Focuses for Room 3

Monday- The special language and pseudo words that Dr Seuss books have that makes these books great to read.

Tuesday- Looking at fairytales with a twist.

Wednesday- Please bring in your favourite fairytale book and dress up as fairy tale character (You can be the same book character that you dress up as on Friday, you can be based on an actual fairytale character or you can be a dressed up as a made up fairytale character).
Create fairytale plays.

Thursday- Stu Duval and Continue fairytale plays.

Friday- Please bring in your favourite book to do a book review on.
Comics- Creating our own comic books.
Mufti Day-Dress up as your favourite book character.

Reading Dr Seuss books and identifying pseudo words within the story. 

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  1. Brooke P's nan24 September 2012 at 19:18

    Hi Brooke and Room 3
    What a great week you have ahead of you. I didn't get to know Dr Suess books until I became a teacher and I still love the language in them. And the wacky illustrations. I will be keen to hear which of the pseudo words you found are your favourites.