Tuesday, 27 November 2012


For our technology unit the Tui Team are making felt roll-up pencilcases. We have started adding detail to the outside and have made the sections for the stationery in the inside. Next week Room 3 will learn how to blanket stitch and begin to sew their pencilcase together.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fireworks Writing Display

Last week Room 3 wrote some fantastic pieces of writing based on Guy Fawkes. They wrote descriptive poems and pieces of writing that included a range of language features that they had learned at the end of last term.
Our writing is displayed in the main office and will be up for at least two weeks. Please have a look at our writing display as we are all very proud of the work that went into publishing each piece of writing.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The legend of Manurewa

This term Room 3 have been learning about the Maori legend 'The legend of Manurewa'.

The first Maori that lived in the area used to enjoy flying kites. We know all of the wind would have made this an easy/fun thing to do!. There were Two stepbrothers - Tama Pahore and Tama Pahure. The brothers did not like each other.
One day they were out flying kites with a strong westerly wind. Tama Pahore’s kite was judged to be the highest and best kite. Tama Pahure was very jealous that his brothers kite was better. Tama Pahure put a ‘spell’ on his brothers kite that broke the string on the kite. The kite blew away towards Hauraki and when Tama Pahore went to search for his kite and found it in Whenuakite.

Each child retold the legend of Manurewa in their own words. They then got into groups of 4-5 to perform the legend to the rest of the class. Each child took on an active role within the group and made their own props and costumes. They had to make sure that they portrayed their character well and stay in character throughout the entire performance.