Sunday, 9 December 2012

E.O.T.C week

Wow what a full on week we've had! Even though the weather wasn't in a favour for most of the week, the kids had an awesome time participating in a wide range of different activities throughout the week.

Yr 4s

Monday-Hunua Falls
Tuesday-Eastern Beach
Wednesday- Bike Day
Thursday- Extreme Edge Rock Climbing
Friday-Top Town

Yr 3s
Tuesday-Art with Graham Braddock
Wednesday-Mareatai Beach
Thursday-Bug Trip
Friday- Top Town

 Sophia giving archery a go!

 Owen creating nature artwork!

 Dillon having fun with archery

 Brayden having fun on the play ground at Maraetai beach.

 Samantha and Britney having fun on the play ground at Maraetai beach.

 Matthew and his group making rafts.

 Michayla giving the seat swing a go!
 Alex having fun on the bars

 Logan having fun on the playground at Maraetai Beach.

 Faronc'e made it to the top of the beanstalk! 

 Brooke giving the beanstalk a go!

 Owen and Callum racing to the top!

 Miriama almost to the top!

 Natalia having lots of fun climbing the cactus.

 Fiona having a go climbing the cactus.




 Brianna and Madalyn racing to the top of the highest wall!

 Hannah giving the highest wall a go.